Its "Onion Time"!

Its almost "onion time". This weekend, sixty to seventy thousand people will head to Toombs County for the 28th annual Vidalia Onion Festival.

Its hard to believe one vegetable can cause such a stir. But, people all over the country actually await springtime in Vidalia just because of the onions. Folks with the Onion Festival are cranking up for five days of fun.

Tonight at six is the onion chefs competition and food tasting.

The opening ceremony is Thursday at Southeastern Tech.

Friday is a street dance downtown.

Saturday and Sunday will be an air show.

Music from several bands and the aroma of onion rings will fill the streets; and arts and crafts will highlight Saturday and Sunday.

Aside from the fun, the crop earns $90 dollars each year. Just about every time you say you're from Vidalia, people know the onion...and most have eaten it and know it s the best onion in the world.

With the name Vidalia and the sweet onion being known worldwide, the festival brings tens of thousands of people to the festival. With a statewide effort to combine farming and tourism -- Vidalia was ahead of its time. 28 years and counting. They ve been doing this long before it was cool, bringing attention to an agricultural crop specific to this area, but also a community who works hard to market it.

As soon as the party ends Sunday, they ll start planning for next year.

You can catch a wrap-up fo all the fun Saturday night, April 30 at 7:30 PM, on WTOC.