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Good News: Youth law camp

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They heard from the prosecution. They heard from the defense.

During a three-day law camp at the Chatham County Courthouse, a couple dozen students are hearing, seeing and living all sides and aspects of the legal field.

"We want to expose to them,’’ attorney Lloyd Johnson said of the participating students, “to an appreciation for what the law is about, how it impacts all of us in every facet of our lives.’’

The camp, presented by the Savannah 100 Black Men Foundation, is giving students the opportunity to see what happens in a courtroom, but it is also a chance to experience it by taking on the roles of judge, jury and trial attorney, as the students try a hypothetical case for both fun and educational purposes.

"I learned that lawyers have to tell a story,’’ said Savannah Early College Junior, Ahmad O’Neal. “And they sure did bring me in with a couple of the stories they told.’’

"You have to set the foundation,’’ added Windsor Forest High School Junior, Jada Moseley. “You have to go on with the story. You can't just say they're innocent or guilty. You have to show why.’’

Through observation, acting and working together, some of the students took a step closer to a career in law, although that was not necessarily the purpose of the camp.

"If we get attorneys coming out of this group, well and good,’’ said Johnson, who is the president of the Savannah 100 Black Men Foundation. “But the important thing is what they will get out of this camp, and all the camp the 100 does is a sense of teamwork, a sense of participation, a sense of sharing, and a chance for critical thinking. Critical thinking, that is what we want them to do. We want them to push the envelope to find out how do we go about addressing these challenging social issues that we’ve all got.’’

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