"The Legends" Visit Backus Hospital Kids

Today, we caught up with four of the golfers on the Champions Tour as they paid a very special visit to Backus Children's Hospital.

Since the children's hospital is one of the many charities benefiting from this event, they wanted to check it out themselves; and they also paid a surprise visit to many of the kids in the hospital.

These pros are taking their minds off golf for a while. They're visiting patients like Shemara Gordon, who is in the Backus Children's Hospital with sickle cell anemia. But, her illness didn't stop her from entertaining the golfers who came to pay her a visit. Its kids like Shemara who benefit from the Champions Tour since Backus Children's Hospital is one the benefiting charities.

Hospital Director, Dr. Jean Wright explains that "with those funds we ll be able to buy life-saving equipment, special treatments, special programs like child life program where kids play as they are getting better."

Looking around, it's easy to see the money also benefits the look of the children's wing . They have an outer space theme, a jungle theme and an underwater theme. Keeping the kids minds off being sick and letting their imaginations take them away is an idea the golfers really like. Pro, Bruce Summerhays remarked, "even though they do have needles in them and they have therapy going on, they can see things around them that reminds them of childhood and play out from them as well."

The kids and parents all enjoyed the visit. ...They received souvenir golf balls, and, most of all, taking away great memories. Even some doctors, nurses and parents slipped into that ward to meet the golfers and get some autographs.

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