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Officials dismiss social media rumors about Animal Control

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Savannah-Chatham Animal Control is trying to take control of rumors.

County Manager Lee Smith said in a news conference Friday there were many rumors circulating on social media that there was going to be a mass euthanization at Animal Control.

Some of the rumored reasons: because there was no working AC or their computer system was down.

Smith said there will be no mass euthanasia, the AC works fine and they are having some computer problems but nothing that would mean animals have to die.

He said it was important to set the record straight right away.

"Like the rumor that we were going to have a mass euthanization sometime in the next few days, which is totally false, we want to be transparent because we want people to come out and adopt animals,” said Smith.

Smith also talked about the management transition as Savannah-Chatham Metro Police stepped down and the county took charge of animal control July 1st.

He said so far it's been smooth and a new director from the Chicago area, Carrie Servacious, will be starting in just a couple of weeks.

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