Pooler Parkway Gets Much-Needed Stoplight

A busy intersection on a busy highway is about to get a little safer.

They're putting in a traffic light at Pooler Parkway and Pine Barren Road, and critics say it's overdue.

The city of Pooler has heard those complaints, and is making sure a light gets up at the busy intersection as quickly as possible.

Mayer Mike Lamb says, "It's number one on our list."

"We need it very badly," says Charles Archer, from Pooler, who drives through the area daily. "And the school needs it also."

Mayor Lamb says "As a matter of fact, school buses don't even come this way any more."

It's been a bad intersection for wrecks in the past, with the four lane Pooler Parkway meeting up with the increasingly-busy two lane Pine Barren Road.

The Department of Transportation is providing the equipment and city crews are spending more than $100,000 to install it.

They're hoping businesses around the intersection will pitch in so the taxpayers don't pay for the whole thing.

Workers already have a good start on the stoplights, and they hope to be finished with all of them by June 1st.

If they don't, it's only going to get worse.

"The area is growing so a traffic light is needed most definitely," says another driver.

There are several big developments planned for right around the intersection, meaning more cars turning in and out; and Pooler's already looking ahead to make sure it doesn't become too congested.

Mike Lamb laughs, "We don't ever want to be Abercorn, because of the way that goes on there."

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite, ccowperthwaite@wtoc.com