McIntosh County non-profit ransacked over the weekend

McIntosh County non-profit ransacked over the weekend

MCINTOSH CO., GA (WTOC) - The McIntosh County Sheriff's Office is investigating after a local nonprofit is cleaning up from an alleged burglar incident.

When Levy Rentz stopped by his building on Sunday morning, it was like nothing he had ever seen.

"A lot of the books we had back here that used to be on the shelves and so forth, are all scattered on the floor," Rentz, who owns the building, explained.

They found the cash register outside of the building, with the change taken out, but Mary Ann, Levy's wife, says they don't keep cash in the drawers.

"The impression we had is somebody was looking for money, couldn't find it, got mad, threw the cash register out and trashed the store," she says.

The building had fake security cameras that the alleged burglar tore down. Now, the owners are planning to add a security system - something they say they didn't think they'd ever need.

The Rummage Room runs as a nonprofit, accepting donations and reselling the items to the public.

"The funds that we make from those sales goes back to the public. Everybody who works here is a volunteer. Nobody who works here is paid, not even myself or my wife," says Levy.

Levy has a message to whoever did this. "We forgive you, we still love you, and if you really need something, call me and maybe we can work something out."

If you have information on the burglary, contact the McIntosh County Sheriff's Office, at 912.437.6623

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