Consider This!: Love Matters

Consider This!: Love Matters

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - There are days when it is my job to speak about things for which there are just no words or to try to bring clarity to questions for which there are no clear cut answers.

Last week, seven Americans were shot and killed and another seven shot and wounded for no apparent reason other than the color of their skin or the color of the uniform they were wearing.

Despite what many on social media would have you to believe, this is not a black and white issue.

I cannot stand here and tell you I know what the fear or feelings are of an African-American, who's being pulled over by a white officer no more than I can tell you the fear or feelings of officer who's trying to subdue a suspect.

What I can tell you is we can be equally outraged by the shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota as we are by the shootings in Dallas. None of these wrongs make a right.

As I sought the proper words to say in this editorial, I was watching our news last Friday at 6 p.m. and saw our story on a very small group of activists gathered near Forsyth Park with signs that read "Love Matters". And that, in our time of grief, is what we need to focus on. In fact, I saw them once again in the heat of the day on a very hot Sunday afternoon, again dedicated to their message of love.

Sadly, there were just a few people standing on the corner, trying to make a difference, trying to move us beyond the culture of hate that seems to prevail far too often.

Consider this: the next time the "Love Matters" movement gathers, let's commit to get 50 people to show up, and next time after that 100 people and the next time after that 1,000 people. Let's keep growing and growing the notion that Love Matters until there are no more next times.

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