Moped thefts on the rise on Savannah's east side

Moped thefts on the rise on Savannah east side

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Crimes of opportunity are leaving some Savannahians without a ride.

Over the past several days, calls have flooded into a local repair shop on the city's east side asking them to keep an eye out for stolen mopeds.

In broad daylight, people's mopeds are getting swiped from parking lots, driveways, even the front of this repair shop on Skidaway.

The frequency of how many scooters are coming up missing is startling to the staff here at Hawg Scooters, who say they see these kinds of crimes more frequently in the summer, but never this bad.

A mechanic at Hawg Scooters says he believes whoever is responsible, probably isn't stealing them for the money, rather just for sport.  And he was a target of some would-be thieves just Monday.

"They came up in the yard, and you can see they walked right up to the scooter, grab that, backed it out and headed down the driveway with it. I mean, there was lights on inside the house, front porch light was on," said Michael Donaldson, mechanic at Hawg Scooters.

Donaldson demonstrated the proper way to secure a moped with a lock.  He says you should always try to run the lock through the frame of the scooter, and always lock it to a stationary object.

He says it only takes two grown men to pick one up and load it into a truck.

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