Good News: Jesup Huddle House fundraiser

Good News: Jesup Huddle House fundraiser

HINESVILLE, GA (WTOC) - A young woman in Jesup is going through a tough time, battling a rare disease, and the whole community is coming together to help her through it all.

Huddle House in Jesup prides itself not only on serving meals, but also on serving the community. Saturday, restaurant workers are hosting a big event. 

"We're having a fundraiser for Taylor Collins," said Amy Brockington, Area Supervisor, Huddle House.

Brockington organized the event, and the amazing thing is – she's only met Taylor a couple of times. She does know Taylor's sister, Allie, who works for her. 

"I saw what Allie went through, you know, and how it affected her, and it's her sister, so I'd want someone to do that for mine," Brockington said. 

The disease Taylor is battling is a rare one.

"It's Biliary Atresia," said Allie Counts, Taylor's sister. "It's really rare. It's one out of every 10,000 babies."

Taylor was born with the disease, which causes damages to the liver, and can lead to liver failure. She just had a life-saving liver transplant, but needs help with the medical bills, so the employees at Huddle House are giving all of their tips on Saturday to her cause, but that's not all. 

"A set of Salt Life corn hole boards we're raffling off, a customized bird house we're raffling off, we're selling Boston Butts, and we're also selling the T-Shirts," Brockington said. 

"We'll be having a lot of things for the kids to do. We'll have slides and bouncy houses," said Randy Wilson, Owner, Huddle House, Jesup.

Owner Randy Wilson is proud that he has such amazing employees who didn't hesitate when asked if they'd like to participate.

"They've just been great to donate their funds, which are limited, but they do a great job and they care," Wilson said. 

"It makes me feel really good to know that our community comes together to help," Allie said.

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