Death In Fire Ruled Suspicious

Investigators are now calling the death of 59-year old Edward Flynn suspicious. Police found him dead inside his mobile home Sunday morning after putting out a fire that destroyed the home.

If police are any closer to figuring out what happened to Mr. Flynn, they aren't releasing a lot of information right now. What we do know is that Mr. Flynn's death has police and his neighbors asking a lot of questions.

Early Sunday morning, the Southside Fire Department was called to his mobile home on Ogeechee Road. Firefighters put the fire out in minutes, but when they got inside, they found the body of 59 year old Edward Flynn in the hallway.

His neighbor, Richard Smith became good friends with Mr. Flynn during the past 6 years. He said, "It makes me mad to think that someone would do something to a guy like Ed. He was a very nice guy -- do anything for anybody - - all around good guy. I'd talk to him in the evenings. He'd stop by and visit for a few minutes. He'd help if he could. You wait 'til 5 o clock expecting him to drive by...but he doesn't."

Neighbors have taken in Ed's pets, including his cat, Cisco. They say it's the least they could do for the guy who always tried to help everyone.

The investigation has been handed over to Savannah Chatham Police and the Southside Fire Department. They tell us that is standard procedure when a body is involved.