Ft. Stewart Honors Fallen Soldiers

Today, the families of Ft. Stewart soldiers who were killed recently in Iraq gathered for a special ceremony to honor them. This is the third such ceremony so far this year for the dozens of soldiers that were stationed here...and died a world away for our freedom.

Hearts were heavy at Fort Stewart today. Thirteen of the Army's finest were honored for giving their lives for our country. As each name was read, a plaque with the soldier's name was uncovered. Next to it, a Red Bud tree that will live and grow was planted in their memory. The Army calls it "Warrior's Walk".

Specialist Michael Deem's family came to day. They all say that Michael was a great husband, a great son, a great soldier. His father, Michael said, "I thought it was very moving.  The Army gave us something we didn't expect."  His family  His aunt, Mary Ann Warner summarized added,"It really brings a pride of what the soldiers are doing for this country. They've given their lives, and to see all these families here. And, this is just one ceremony. We are very proud today, very proud."

The family says they always knew this could happen--they just hoped and prayed it wouldn't."His wife, Lynnm said that, "I want everyone to know michael volunteered to go to Iraq. He asked to come to this base, knowing he would be sent."

Today they didn't just honor Michael. They are honored all the men and women represented along the walkway. Fort Stewart's Warrior's Walk represents all of the Third ID soldiers who have given their lives in Operation Iraqi Freedom since 2003.