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Consider This Editorial: Randy Peltier


Savannah has lost a broadcast and business titan.

Randy Peltier, who served WTOC as our General Sales Manager from 1986 until his retirement five years ago, passed away after a short illness last week.

Most of the time when you think about sales managers, your initial thought is there’s the money guy. But in Randy’s case, he was the idea guy.

He brought newspapers and magazines to television, he brought the Tree of Light to Savannah, he brought innovation after innovation to WTOC and he brought customers to thousands of local business owners.

Legend has it that every January 1, Randy would rearrange his furniture and change the route he drove to work so he could start off the year with a fresh perspective.

I had the pleasure of learning from Randy’s perspective on life, family and business for more than a decade and I know I’m a better person and a better professional because of it.

And for all of Randy’s great accomplishments, none were greater or more important to him than his family. His wife Betty was always by his side and his children and his grandchildren never strayed too far from home or too far from his love.

Randy will be missed and mourned by many, including all of us whose life he bettered.

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