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Pokémon Go players take to the streets, businesses of Savannah

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Oh, the places you'll go for Pokémon Go.

The game is a worldwide social media phenomenon and Savannah is becoming a hotspot for players.

It's getting kids playing video games off the couch and into the real world. Walk around Savannah and you'll see people everywhere playing Pokémon Go. 

“There are so many Pokéstops out here, I love it. I just got a wild Rattata,” said Skyler Allen.

If you're not already playing it yourself, you've no doubt heard about it.

“You see a lot of people just walking around on their cell phones. You come to the conclusion that a third of the people you see are looking for Pokémon,” said Allen.

The game, just released two weeks ago, let's players travel the real world while their avatar moves along the game map.

“It says one's over here. You're in my Pokémon."

“I think it's pretty incredible how all-encompassing it is. Seriously, it has kind of united people like nothing really has,” said Allen. “They are playing it, he was just playing it, and two people came up to us and said ‘Catch ‘em all." 

Some local businesses are trying to catch ‘em all too, by joining in the fun of the Pokémon craze.

“We may or may not have a Pikachu, I don't know. If you find one in the store, take a picture of it, show the counter person, and we'll give you a glazed donut or cookie or brownie for free. So little kids are just trying to find one and catch one,” said Trisha Lang, Baker’s Pride.

Pokémon Go has also picked up traffic for downtown pedicabs.

“I've had people request hour rides to go around the downtown Savannah district, Pokémon Go,” said Chuck Feagain, Savannah Pedicab.

“Because of Pokémon Go we can take you on a tour specifically to Pokéstops and catch different Pokémon. I don't even play,” said Ian Cooper, Royal Bike Taxi.

“People twice my age catching Pokémon with their grandkids. So Savannah's history brings them in and gives the kids something to do,” said Feagain.

“It's really different because it takes you to different places in Savannah. It lets you see different things, different monuments and stuff like that. I didn't know this actually existed until Pokémon,” said Allen.

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