GA Senator David Perdue weighs in on Republican National Convention

Senator Perdue speaks on Republican National Convention

OHIO (WTOC) - Georgia U.S. Senator David Perdue is at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, OH.

"Our time is right now. We cannot wait until another election," he said.

Perdue said he is so impressed with the unity of the Georgia delegation.

"The Georgia delegation has more than 350 people up here. It's amazing. We have 76 delegates, 73 alternates and everybody's excited. I'm very excited that the delegation of Georgia is united behind Donald Trump to become our next president," he said.

Beyond that, Perdue gets the sense the entire Republican Party is unifying to back Trump.

"There's a movement. It's bigger than Donald Trump. It's bigger than the republican party," he said. "Every time our country gets off a direct path to success, somehow we as a people come together and bring it back on point."

Perdue believes this is a critical election for Georgia.

"When I look around Georgia, a lot of people will tell me, 'Help me get my hours up. Our pay is stagnant.' People are really struggling to get from payday to payday and the federal government is not helping that under Barack Obama."

He said we're hearing a lot in the media about what he calls our "security crisis" but feels we aren't hearing enough about other topics they are discussing.

"We also have a constitutional crisis. This president has actually learned how to run the country without congress and he's created a fourth arm of government: the regulators. And it's sucking the very life out of our economy. But underpinning all of that, is our debt crisis."

He believes the time for change is now.

"We've got to make this happen now. I'm on the inside. I'm not of the system by I'm in the system and I see the frailty of the gridlock in Washington and what's happening."

Senator Perdue said his expectation for the third and fourth nights of the convention can be summed up in two words: unity and recovery.  He wants the Republican Party to leave fully unified in backing Trump and he wants a recovery of the government saying we need a change of direction for our country.

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