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Consider This!: Good News 7/21

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Are you ready for some good news right now? I know I am.

We start with the Savannah Church “Adopt-A-School” Initiative. The program has churches adopt a school and set goals to help make the school better. One way they're doing that now is by holding a uniform drive to help families who can't afford the mandatory uniforms, get them.

Another good news story we recently brought you is the Pink Hair Warriors program.

Workers from the Susan G. Komen organization educate hairstylists about breast cancer.

The idea is, since hairdressers often spend hours chatting with clients in their chair, they can use that time to educate them about breast health and local resources available.

And finally, a couple of dozen students spent three days in court… but they were there voluntarily for a three-day law camp. The students are hearing, seeing and living all sides and aspects of the legal field.

The camp, presented by the Savannah 100 Black Men Foundation, is giving students the opportunity to see what happens in a courtroom, but it is also a chance to experience it by taking on the roles of judge, jury and trial attorney, as the students try a hypothetical case for both fun and educational purposes.

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