Alderman Johnson addresses justice for 'My Name is Patrick'

Alderman Johnson addresses justice for 'I am Patrick'
The Savannah City Council, a silent demonstration wraps up the regular session meeting on Thursday demanding recognition, transparency and justice regarding an encounter between The Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police officers and a Savannah man.
About a dozen demonstrators took a seat on chambers while wearing t-shirts with the words “My Name is Patrick” on the front.
After all from the "My Name is Patrick” group filed in, Alderman Van Johnson said he wanted to address the elephant in the room, which was the reason behind the demonstration.
All the demonstrators wore name tags with Patrick on them, identifying themselves only as Patrick, to show their solidarity with Patrick Mumford and his family.
Alderman Johnson spoke before council and on the record about the police body camera video that shows an interaction between Mumford and three officers earlier this year.
Johnson said in a case of a mistaken identity, Mumford was ultimately tased by officers. Johnson says these are types of incidents that shouldn’t be silenced or swept under the rug.

On any given day, minus a uniform that I used to wear, on any given day minus the suit I wear now... In the street Savannah, I am Patrick. I'm that guy. And we need to make very very sure, not only do we support our officers in doing the right thing, but when we are wrong, we do the right thing as well,” said Alderman Johnson.

Johnson did acknowledge that there is an internal police investigation that should be done soon. Then outside chambers, he met with the demonstrators to acknowledge that police officers are here to protect the community and should be treated with respect.

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