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Savannah city manager calls for no parking on Bay Street

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At Savannah City Council, Bay Street parking among the many topics up for discussion Thursday.

Several work sessions ago, Savannah Mayor Eddie DeLoach called to make it safer by eliminating parking on one side.

The city manager, though, is calling for no parking on both sides.

The proposal also calls for a widening of the lane width, protective chains and a landscaped center median.

In September, they'll enter into a 30-day trial period for the proposed plan. During that trial period, barrels would be placed where the landscaped median would go.

"And before then we're going to be speaking to the businesses talking to them, making sure. And also looking at implementing some type of plan, if there's a plan concerning parking so that folks who can't get there that were parking there, they got another place to go as a way to get them back to Bay Street,” Mayor DeLoach said.

Council ultimately voted to move forward with exploring this 30-day trial period.

From here, they'll be seeking public feedback.

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