Little Bluffton girl makes cards for police

Little Bluffton girl makes cards for police.

BLUFFTON, SC (WTOC) - An 8-year-old girl in Bluffton is making a huge impact on her community.

It all started after she learned of the tragic shooting in Dallas. Meet Maya Smith making a change, one painting at a time.

"We heard about in Dallas, Texas that police officers were getting shot so we decided to start making thank you letters because they help our community because officers are like family," said Smith.

Since then Maya has placed dozens of paintings on police cars in Bluffton, a gesture that left many officers speechless.

"I was with my son and I saw something on my patrol car at first I thought someone had hit my car and left a note on it, but the closer I got it was a really cute letter that said thank you, the Bluffton Police Department rocks," said Officer Amber Swinehamer, Bluffton Police Department.

"When I was about 2 or 3, I heard about them that they help our community and help us be safe so I started to love them because they help our community be safe and stay safe," said Smith.

So far Maya has been the one showing the support and appreciation, but Friday was her turn to be recognized for her positive work.

"Well, today we felt it was important to let our community member Maya know how much we appreciate her. Recently she stopped and saw one of our troopers and just gave them a note saying how much she appreciated police officers and so we wanted to return that favor today," said Lance Corporal Matt Southern, South Carolina Highway Patrol.

Maya thought she was going to deliver more paintings and stuffed animals, but little didn't she know, she'd be the one receiving the gifts Friday.

In the words of her favorite officer, Tommy Norman from Arkansas, Maya says, "start a movement."

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