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Campaign Countdown: Carter Reflects on RNC

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Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump may have a lot of convincing to do to win the election in November, but he seems to have convinced Georgia U.S. Congressman Buddy Carter. 

Back in Savannah after spending the week in Cleveland, Carter says that Trump erased doubt in the party that he is a capable leader.

“I think he has removed all doubt about that.  He is a business man.  He is an outsider.  And he surrounds himself with good people,” he said.

Carter also praised Trump’s pick of Mike Pence, as a running mate in particular.

While many of the speakers, including Trump, portrayed America as a country that is losing its place in the world and being taken over by crime, Carter says he thought the overall message was a positive one. 

“It was a message that we have got to work together. He was very inclusive, making sure that he included all groups—that we have got to work together to get us back on track and get this country back on track,” Carter said.

A CBS News fact check shows that many of Trump’s statements about crime were not accurate.  Murder rates have been on a downswing for years in the country.  And while Trump stated that the number of police officers killed has risen by 50 percent, statistics show the number is actually only up by 8 percent. 

Carter said he did not know if Trump’s stats were accurate or not, “I don’t think his idea was so much to scare as it was to say look we are going to work on this.  This is going to be a top priority for us.”  

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