A Community Joins Together To Help Victims of Tornado

The old Wayne County High School football field is like a second home for Branan Logan. His family roots run deep in the county land. "I have property here. My family's farm is on its eighth generation here," said Branan.

Branan is now a singer, song writer in Nashville, Tennessee, but his music still reflects his hometown. "Most of the songs that I write are about growing up here, one song's about Cherry Street in Jesup. I sing about horseback riding as a kid with banged up knees, the whole nine yards," laughed Branan.

But parts of Wayne County are no longer how Branan remembers it. Just last month, a tornado slammed into the town of Screven, destroying everything in its path. At least 95 percent of residents were affected by the storm. The destruction also even those who no longer live here. Branan couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the damage." There were some folks who even lost their grass. Some of their lots were down to dirt, no mailbox, no nothing. To lose everything down to that level, is unbelievable to me." "It was the most catastrophic thing I had seen in my life," said resident Gary Frye.

Together, Gary and Branan put together the Nickels for Neighbors fundraiser at the Jaycee's Stadium in Jesup. Gospel and country music filled the air, and there was plenty of food and drinks for residents to snack on. Branan even called on a few of his famous friends, like country singer Alan Jackson, to donate items for a silent auction and raffle. All the proceeds for the event go to victims of the tornado. "That's what this country is founded on, folks coming together, stepping up, and caring for others," said Gary.

The raffle and silent auction will continue through May 20th. People can bid online for items like Alan Jackson collectibles and Braves memorabilia. To check them out for yourself, go to Branan Logan's website or to the  Nickels for Neighbors  website .

Reported by: Melanie A. Ruberti; mruberti@wtoc.com