Consider This: Primary Season

Consider This: Primary Season

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - After more than a year, dozens of debates, thousands of attacks, nearly 20 candidates from the Republican and Democratic parties, the field of major party candidates has now been narrowed to the final two.

Last week the GOP crowned Donald Trump as their nominee, and this week the Democrats will do the same with Hillary Clinton, an outcome that will likely have many holding their nose when they cast their ballot come November.

I suspect that truth be told, most people will end up voting against a candidate instead of for one.

So how did we get to this point?

Leaked emails over the weekend showed that the DNC, which was supposed to be neutral in the primary process was anything but.  And there were calls by some in the GOP to change its rules to prevent Trump from getting their nomination up until the roll call.

In the end, the process worked.

But Consider This: the process is seriously flawed.

Political bickering and partisanship have divided this country into a "you're either with us or against us" mentality. No longer is compromise or moderation considered a positive attribute in our political leaders or candidates.

One of the great leaders of our lifetime, Gen. Colin Powell, who could appeal to those in both parties, was often rumored and encouraged to enter politics, and according to many pundits, would have been a strong candidate this presidential cycle.

But Powell has said he doesn't have the passion for politics, likely because he knows he would spend months being attacked on his Iraq weapons of mass destruction testimony before the United Nations, never giving him the chance to speak of his virtues that would make him abundantly qualified to lead this nation he has dedicated his lifetime to serving.

In these troubled times in which we live, we should be choosing leadership that can guide and unite us, not choosing the lesser two evils.

It's sad that the greatest democracy in the world doesn't have a system that encourages our best and brightest to lead it.

Until we find a way to change that, we'll have to continue to take a can of air freshener into the voting booth.

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