Georgia Power closing offices but adding options

Georgia Power closing offices but adding options


The secret is out! We now know what locations Georgia Power will close, and which business offices will remain open as they re-organize.

We first reported on the plans two weeks ago, but WTOC did some digging and has new info on how it impacts our area and Georgia Power employees.

A WTOC viewer called it a sign of the times. Technology taking over the jobs of humans, but Georgia Power says it makes economic sense.

They will be closing some of these payment offices, including downtown Savannah. The location on Abercorn Street will be closing its doors come October, only three in the coastal area will remain open.

Abercorn Street in downtown Savannah will still be the main headquarters and office building - just no more payments - but Springfield and Hinesville business offices will close. That leaves Savannah's Southside Abercorn location, Statesboro and Brunswick as the only locations where you will be able to interact will with a live Georgia Power employee in person. 

The company is expanding their authorized payment locations, almost doubling those by the end of the year across the state. You can still pay by phone or online.

The other bad news out of all this: employees and their jobs are in limbo. Of the 8,000 Georgia Power employees, about 270 will be impacted.  

They say the shift in the way they do business is necessary as fewer people pay in person or by mail.

“Whether it is on our website or our mobile app or auto draft, those are now accounting for 50 percent of all payments are electronic,” said John Kraft.

So by the end of October, you will not be able to pay your bill at this Georgia Power location but within a one-mile radius, there are four authorized payment locations. And within five miles, 34 authorized payment locations, according to Georgia Power.

Georgia Power will have only 27 business offices statewide, with the three in our area. They will also expand their authorized payment locations from 2,700 to 5,300 in Georgia, which means you can pay at most grocery and retail stores.

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