Bluffton volunteer inducted into national YMCA Hall of Fame

Bluffton volunteer inducted into national YMCA Hall of Fame

SOUTH CAROLINA (WTOC) - A Lowcountry man is receiving high honors for his community service.

Peter Post is one of 12 people nationwide chosen as a YMCA Hall of Fame inductee this year.

Post has been a volunteer with the United Way of the Lowcountry for at least a decade and served with the YMCA since the early 1950s.

During that time, Post launched a work training program in Boston that helped hundreds of people land jobs.

Tuesday, he explained why, even at 80 years old, he is still committed to serving his neighbors.

"I mean in Boston, for instance, we started a family shelter for 22 homeless families and you see the difference it makes in their lives. We'd have someone come in for the homeless shelter, we'd sign them up for the work training program and then Monday they're working as an administrative assistant to some big time vice president, that changes lives," said Post.

Post served as the United Way Regional Cabinet Chair for three years and was on the Board of Directors for eight years.

Big thanks to Peter for all of the work he does in our community!

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