SCCPSS superintendent to kick off new school year at 'State of Our Schools' address

SCCPSS superintendent to kick off new school year at 'State of Our Schools' address

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The Savannah-Chatham County Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Thomas Lockamy, is set to present the 'State of Our Schools' Address at 11 a.m. Wednesday.

Topics to be discussed at the event range from enrollment growth and the construction of new schools to planned school improvement initiatives, and the next phase of the Strategic Waiver Flexibility Option.

Organizers say attendees will gain a better understanding of the challenges the SCCPSS school system is facing, as well as learn how they are working to improve your child's education.

SCCPSS Superintendent Dr. Thomas Lockamy says the school district is adding about 400 to 500 new students this year, the growth he sees is equivalent to a school a year. STEM programs and certification has become a large focus Savannah-Chatham schools, incorporating more STEM will be a topic of discussion.

"Today I am going to be talking about not only the transportation because transportation is first and foremost in our minds, we had a great summer transportation program, knock on wood, no complaints, so we are looking forward to a new year with a new transportation provider," said Dr. Lockamy. "With the opening of the new Brock Elementary School, Otis Brock Elementary School was who was the former Chief Operations Officer with the school district so we are excited about opening that school and getting our children in a brand new school, with new technology and new everything."

He also plans to address how becoming a strategic waiver district will benefit the learning of the students.

"Everything from the way in which we support our children, children who have the greatest learning needs, how we support children who are the high-end learners, how we staff our schools, we now have a little flexibility. So now as much micromanagement from the state level," said Lockamy.

Challenges ahead include the governors possible take over schools. Lockamy says he has 5 schools he is working with closely right now to get them up to speed.

"Because of the upcoming election in November, the vote on whether the governor will be able to take over schools, the schools that I am working with are just on that borderline, we have plans in place to push them over so that will not happen."

The address will be held at New Hampstead High School, 2451 Little Neck Road.

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