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7 Valuable Reasons to Regularly Service your Vehicle

7 Valuable Reasons to Regularly Service your Vehicle

While spending money on car and truck maintenance may not be at the top of everyone’s list, spending a modest amount of money in the short term will have greater payout in the long term. Here’s why:

  1. Maximum vehicle life:  A properly serviced vehicle will have a longer life than one whose regular maintenance is neglected. In the long run, this will save you money.
  2. Your safety: Ignoring something like worn out brake pads or balding tires could cause you to have an accident in a situation where a well-serviced vehicle would not.
  3. Protecting resale value:  Just like a house, or any other big ticket item, the resale value of a well-maintained vehicle is naturally going to be higher than one that has not had regular attention. 
  4. Fuel efficiency: A vehicle that is not running at peak efficiency will burn through more fuel, and in turn, through your wallet.
  5. It’s good for the environment: A well maintained car generates fewer emissions and therefore has less impact on air pollution, contaminated waterways, and acid rain.
  6. Prevents malfunctions.  Have you ever noticed that one car maintenance issue often leads to another?  Regular maintenance prevents this domino effect, which makes life easier on your pocketbook.
  7. Your warranty. Often vehicle warranties require a certain number of service checks. Regularly maintaining your ride is a safeguard to nullifying a warranty.

Has it been awhile since your vehicle was serviced? Schedule an appointment with the team at Mike Burch Ford. We’ll be happy to run diagnostics and give you a full assessment of anything that needs to be done to keep your vehicle running at top performance. For more information, call the service experts at Mike Burch Ford at 912.449.4446, or visit MikeBurchFord.com.

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