Hometown Hero: Kevin Sheehan

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - To his players, he's Coach Sheehan. To family, he's Uncle Kevin.

But Monday, Kevin Sheehan was back in his equally familiar role of as the man who helps make people mobile and families whole.

"We had one mom that was like, I didn't ever think I'd ever see the day when my child got on a bike," said Sheehan, who presented four children with specially adapted bikes courtesy of the Savannah Ambucs on Monday. "We had another little girl who said it was the best day of her life."

Sheehan has been having days like that since 1998, the president of the Ambucs helping to provide specially adapted trikes to differently abled adults and children since he first heard about the organization.

"I grew up playing in Ambucs Stadium and coached in Ambucs Park on Sally Mood," said the Savannah native. "They had a business expo 18 years ago and I went to a meeting. A young girl got a bike and from then on, there was nothing like it. I know that we've given away close to 500 since 1998."

And each one has its own story as powerful as the impact it has on an entire family.

"This is awesome," said Stacia Messberger, whose son also received a trike from the Ambucs on Monday. "He's going to be able to enjoy it, he's going to be able to be more like a regular kid.''

"That's what it's all about," added Sheehan. "You give the gift of mobility not just to the child, but you give it to the family because now everyone can do something together."

This hometown hero says he has had plenty of help from a generous community and two dozen members of Ambucs who help raise money for the trikes. But he says, the smile he gets to see on the front end never get old.

"The feeling when you see the excitement of the kid and the happiness and the just overwhelming joy, they're all special," said Sheehan. "I've had people say don't you get used to this? But you never get used to watching a kid ride a bike for the first time."

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