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Tips from GA DNR: More sunshine means more rattlesnake activity

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We have had several people send pictures into the WTOC Newsroom showing an increase of rattlesnakes in the area.

Officials say they are moving around more because of the sun. That's right, those slithering creatures like to bask in those UV rays.

A brochure shows the six venomous snakes in Georgia and three of them are rattlesnakes.

“Be very aware that we live amongst snakes, venomous snakes,” said Kara Day, a biologist with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

Day gave me a lesson on snakes Wednesday, more specifically on rattlesnakes. 

"The snake is going to be more afraid of you or your pet than you are of them, so they're never going to come after you so don't be scared but be vigilant,” said Day.

She says the summer months bring more sun and so snakes, in general, are more active and that's why we're seeing an increase.  And with a rise in activity, you want to be sure and protect your pets and avoid a close encounter. 

"Snakes, like rattlesnakes, they don't see us a prey and a large dog they wouldn’t see as prey either. They prey on smaller mammals such as rabbits, rodents, things like that so typically they’re not going to go after a pet ever. So if you can stay out of their way that's the best defense,” Day said.

A general rule of thumb, spade or diamond shaped headed snakes are venomous, but of course, there are exceptions to this rule. But DNR says if you do see a rattlesnake just let it be. Most bites are actually on the hand from someone getting too close.

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