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Tybee holds final public meeting to discuss long-term city goals

Tybee holds final public meeting to discuss long-term city goals

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Municipalities across Georgia are required to develop a master plan that sets long-term goals for the city, from infrastructure to Public Safety.

The public in Tybee Island had one last chance to offer feedback on what will go into the latest adopted master plan at a meeting on Thursday night.

These meetings of been happening all year, and Tybee Island mayor Jason Buelterman was hopeful the last would have a good turnout.

He says the plan is something that must be updated every five years and sets goals for the next 20 years for the municipality.

Some of the topics covered in the several hundred page plan include transportation, tourism, and providing utilities to not only the island's permanent residence but also the tens of thousands of visitors that come on any given weekend.

We asked the mayor is there were any Highway 80 improvement projects on the horizon that would play into their long-term master plan, but he says that issue is still in the hands of the state.

"It is in there. And it is mentioned that this is something that is badly needed. But, the MasterPlan can't really provide any additional input that would hasten the project so it's done a little bit quicker," said Jason Buelterman, Mayor.

The majority of Tybee City Council voted to send the master plan to the state for review. It will be returned with recommendations and voted on no later than October.

"If you look at it, I think it's also a clear message that people don't want to exceed the 35-foot height limitation that has been in place on Tybee for a long time. That they want to make sure that the road out to Tybee, and those bridges are replaced as soon as possible," said Buelterman. I think the historic preservation thing was just something that caught on as an item of discussion. But there were a lot of other things in that plan that showed...and I have to say that I agree, with what came back, what the feedback was from the public about what the priorities ought to be."

The meeting was held at 6:30 p.m. at the police station on Vanhorn Street.

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