Jones Remembered at Flag Football Tournament

Family and friends still have trouble dealing with the early death of Levon Jones. He was the Georgia Southern student from Statesboro who died outside a New Orleans nightclub. Video shows bouncers holding him on the ground and sitting on him.

WTOC spoke with his parents. They choose words carefully for legal reasons, but one gathering this weekend made them smile.

As players squared off on the field this weekend, Mae Jones struggled to watch. The flag football tournament held in her son's honor reminded her of his death.

"It's not easy at all," she said. "It's not easy standing here. It's not easy waking up every morning."

Over the weekend, 16 teams from around the Southeast came to Statesboro to play. Close friends say few loved to play as much as Levon.

"We would love to win this, but the bigger picture is to bring these 16 teams together for the memory of Levon Jones," said former teammate Michael Holsonback.

Levon's teammates gave his parents the second place trophy they won from the New Orleans tournament and the money raised over the weekend.

"That touched my heart that so many people came out and remembered him," said Mae. "He had so many friends that we knew and more that we didn't."

"Everyone out here has told me what a great guy he was," said Levon's father, Levon Sr. "Those that played with him and against him."

With the money raised from the tournament, Levon's parents say they'll purchase a headstone for his grave.

The family says little about Levon's death due to a pending lawsuit, but, "The Lord is in our midst and I'm quite sure eventually things will end the way they should," said Mae.

Organizers say these games help them remember someone they feel should have had many more seasons to play.

Earlier this year, the district attorney of New Orleans filed charges against the three bouncers. They were arrested and free on bond.

We talked with one player this weekend from New Orleans who claims the bouncers still work at the club, but in different jobs.

An attorney for the Jones family doesn't have a timetable of when the case could go to court.

Reported by: Dal Cannady,