Help the four-legged members of Chatham County

Help the four-legged members of Chatham County

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Chatham County Animal Services needs your help to make their cats and dogs have a little more fun in their temporary home.

They're looking for food donations, preferably Pedigree dog food. And they also are in need of more toys, especially for the cats. Even the little rings from milk jugs are great toys for the cats and it won't cost you any more money.

But as always, be careful with your pets and this Savannah heat.

"When you're thinking about pets and heat, you really have to take your pets into consideration. There are things you wouldn't even think of. And when you're thinking about going for a walk even in the evenings now that it's cooling down, you have to remember the pavement is still hot. If it's 87 degrees out, the pavement and the asphalt is 143 degrees. Way too hot for your dog to be walking around. So, please leave your pet at home when it's really hot out. You don't want them burning their little pads," said Chatham County Animal Services Director Kerry Sirecvicius.

Animal Services encourages you to stop by with your donations and make a new four-legged friend.

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