Top Teacher--Cynthia Hatala

Cynthia Hatala
Cynthia Hatala

Most of us have had teachers who stuck out in our minds for different reasons. Some because they helped you with your reading and writing, others because they helped you learn about life. Cynthia Hatala of Richmond Hill does that and a lot more.

Hatala is always there with an encouraging word for her second graders at Richmond Hill Elementary School. With this young age, Hatala knows they mimic her and it's very important to be a role model.

"I've had parents tell me their children come home and play Mrs. Hatala at home," she said. "Show younger brothers and sisters how to do things."

Student Ryann Hall said, "I think she's a perfect teacher the way she acts and stuff."

Her acts of kindness go past the classroom. Recently, she helped the school custodian, Johnny Lewis, after he went through a hard time.

"I was sick and she went around, while I was in the hospital, and she does a lot for these kids," Lewis said.

Hatala always tries to teach her kids to be good citizens. "Know that what I'm doing for them can never be taken away. Once they learn it, it's theirs."

"We get to learn stuff and I don't even know I'm learning anything, having fun and listening to Mrs. Hatala," said student Spencer Shader.

"It's great to see their reading blossom, it's a joy to come to work every day," said Hatala.

Cynthia Hatala, this week's WTOC Top Teacher.

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Reported by: Mike Cihla,