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Students learn about video game design during summer enrichment program

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Video games have been around for decades. And the most recent interest in the Pokémon Go app has led even more people to the world of gaming.

But, do you know what it takes to design a game that can spark the interest of people?

A gaming academy held here on the campus of Georgia Tech - Savannah will help lead students toward the future of video game design.

Students participating in the game academy enrichment program aren't just sitting in front of the television playing video games, they're learning how to design them.

"I've learned how to do some different program things on Blender,” said Abbi Jarrard, 8th-grade student.

And this camp teaches the students some of the basics.

"I've always wanted to design stuff. So, I think it would be interesting to know how to design 3-D,” said John Best, 5th-grade student.

“So I just added a few little rings and cylinders and cones to make the space station. And then I got the spears and pulled them apart so they look like meteors with trails behind them,” said one eager student.

"Creating games is fun because you get to make something of your own,” said Jarrard.

Georgia Tech administrators see this as an opportunity to empower young critical thinkers.

“We think that, thinking in ways that involved computer science are really the frontier for what will be ways to solve the future problems,” said Game Academy Program Director Carolyn Perry.

This two-day on-campus enrichment started Monday and it ends on Tuesday. The purpose of this opportunity is to help students refine their video gaming techniques and take it to the next level.

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