Hundreds of jellyfish stings reported on Tybee Island

Hundreds of jellyfish stings reported on Tybee Island

TYBEE ISLAND, GA (WTOC) - We want to remind you again it is now jellyfish season and lifeguards are seeing hundreds of stings on a daily basis.

The doctor at an urgent care office on Whitemarsh Island says a vinegar and water solution may not be enough for those stings. Dr. Jerry Williams says a PH neutral solution works a lot better.

He says the stings are serious injuries and can even be life threatening if the person is allergic. And the issue is you can see them in the water, and it can not only be a jellyfish but may also be a sting from a Portuguese Man of War.

Basically, when you get stung the tentacles inject you with venom and that venom is very sensitive, which is why it hurts so badly.

He says to use lidocaine to numb the wound and paralyze the sting. Then 20 minutes later, scrape the stingers off the skin.

"What we have found is if patients don't get the nematocysts out of their skin, anywhere from 10 days to 21 days, they have a horrible allergic reaction where the body is trying to get the foreign body. The actual poison dart out of the skin and out of the body, they end up with terrible itching and other allergic reactions," said Dr. Williams.

Dr. Williams says never underestimate the danger of a jellyfish sting.

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