Illicit picture of Port Wentworth councilwoman evokes outrage

Illicit picture of Port Wentworth councilwoman evokes outrage

PORT WENTWORTH, GA (WTOC) - A Port Wentworth councilwoman says she was humiliated after someone snapped a cell phone picture of her during a city council meeting.

It's what that picture revealed that has her so upset, and filing a formal complaint with the city and police.

Councilwoman Debbie Johnson says during an executive session in 2015, that one of her colleagues snapped an illicit picture up her dress while she was seated in the meeting.

It was a Port Wentworth man, Eric Steely, who posted that picture on his Facebook wall about a month ago.

Steely told me in a phone conversation that the photo of Councilwoman Johnson was sent to him, and he decided to post it because Johnson had engaged in dirty politics.

Steely added the picture was not taken by a city employee or council member, a claim Johnson disputes.

So Councilwoman Johnson has now submitted a formal complaint to the city, and a police report, she says for her own safety.

"I don't know who this man is. And I'm not going to take the chance of not documenting the things that he says. And it's belittling, it's humiliating the things that he says, and I'm not going to take that chance," said Johnson.

Port Wentworth Mayor Glenn Jones is listed in the formal complaint. He had this to say about the picture being circulated:

"This is a disgusting post.  No one should be subject to this.  Ms. Johnson has made a complaint to the City and I'm sure that the proper authorities will handle this in a timely manner."

But Johnson says Mayor Jones saw the picture and said nothing to her.

"His apology, or his saying that the post was disgusting, is a little bit too late. Because you viewed the post, you viewed the post and didn't say anything," said Johnson.

Johnson says she was alerted by another council member that the photo was online, but she believes it had been circulated for months.

Johnson says she wants to address Georgia's rules regarding taking so-called "upskirt pictures", because right now, taking those types of pictures is not illegal in public places.

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