Varnedoe Bridge Heavily Damaged in Dump Truck Wreck

The man who crashed his dump truck into the Sam Varnedoe Bridge last week remains in critical condition. James McGowan crashed his dump truck through the bridge's warning arms on the eastbound side of the bridge as it raised up.

The weight of the truck kept one side down and he crashed head on into the other side, severely damaging the bridge.

Today, the Corps of Engineers released its report saying almost every part of the bridge, from the barricades to the machinery, is broken and won't be repaired for some time.

"Once we get a contractor selected and hired, we're looking at several weeks of just strictly structural repairs," said Robert Drewery, director of Chatham County Public Works.

Public Works is seeking emergency approval of funds from Chatham County so it can fix the bridge and get traffic flowing as quickly as possible.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,