Residents in Port Royal enjoying books with new ‘Lending Library’

Residents in Port Royal enjoying books with new 'Lending Library'

PORT ROYAL, SC (WTOC) - Some children and adults in the Beaufort area are traveling to foreign countries, taking a look back in time and even learning about Beaufort's history.

It's all thanks to a little box you can find randomly on the side of the road.

It's called the "Lending Library", and one parent in Port Royal has the readbox in front of her home where she has children's and adult books for you to take for free. Simply visit one of these little libraries, and grab a book you can swap for one of your books or donate your own.

"I thought if I had a library where people could access it any time of day any mode. I've seen people on bicycles, walking and golf carts. I think it's a reminder that reading is important. With all the technology, the paper copies are not as available or they're going by the wayside," said Rebekah Hayes, steward for readbox in Port Royal.

If you want to find out how you can start your own lending library or where you can check out some free books, please click here.

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