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Crumbling grave appears to show casket in Woodville Cemetery

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In May, WTOC showed you the heavy rain that rose caskets out of the ground in Woodville Cemetery in Savannah. 

On Tuesday, a woman reached out to us, upset about the condition of one of the graves at Woodville, just a few rows away from where her daughter is buried. 

"My daughter is buried out here, I wouldn't want to come out here, you know some years go by, and hers looks like this,” said Elizabeth Mercer.

Mercer buried her 7-year-old daughter at Woodville Cemetery last year.

"We all wish that our family and loved ones would be buried comfortably, not have no mishaps or anything," she said.

Just a few rows away from her daughter's grave, something shocking. There is a grave with crumbling cement, allowing visitors view of what appears to be the casket.

"It's scary. That's very scary to see someone's casket," Mercer said.

She said one of her biggest concerns is safety. She has two little boys who walk through the cemetery, and she's afraid one of them could fall in. 

"I know I'm not the only one that saw this, somebody saw this and nobody wanted to speak up," she adds.

Mercer said she's tried reaching out to the cemetery about her concerns, but she hasn't heard back. 

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