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City manager search committee meets to discuss 4 remaining candidates

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The City of Savannah continues to carefully review each of the remaining four candidates for the city manager position after a closed-door executive session on Tuesday.

Current City Manager Stephanie Cutter announced her retirement at the beginning of the year, setting into motion a nationwide search for her replacement.

Last Friday, council members spent the entire day interviewing each of the four candidates, and council has announced they are holding a special meeting Wednesday regarding the search.

Savannah Mayor Eddie DeLoach spoke to me about the quality of the candidates, singing their praises and adding most of the candidates are familiar already with the city.

"And I think which speaks well for them, there's been a number of them in the community before we even interviewed them, which actually came up here. Some of them came up here before they were considered for the last group. They just came because they were close enough, they just came up to say, ‘OK, what if,’” said Mayor DeLoach.

It was the third official meeting of the city manager search committee on Tuesday, and just before going into an executive session, Alderman Van Johnson said Wednesday’s special council meeting might reveal even more about where the search stands.

Search committee members say they're looking for someone with integrity, strong business skills and experience with diverse communities dealing with a number of complex issues like crime and poverty.

"We've been in front of them, had dinner with them and talked to them. And so hopefully out of these four we can come up with somebody in the next day or two, come up with what we're going to do and move forward,” said Mayor DeLoach.

He says each candidate is being measured carefully and is being asked if they're able to manage not only city business, but also the personalities they'll be working with.

"I think the big point that most everybody talked about was the fact that you got nine type-A people that you'll be working for. And do you feel like you've got the ability to take care of those nine type-A guys and ladies that will be there asking you questions and looking for answers,” said Mayor DeLoach.

It will come down to a majority decision by council to pick Savannah's next city manager. The next time council will meet as a whole will be Wednesday afternoon, to specifically talk about the city manager search.

"This group that we have here, they're good. They're great quality people. So it's just what feels good to you, and how it fits and what we're trying to get done. That's what it boils down to,” said Mayor DeLoach.

The city has been and continues to remain tight-lipped about the final four candidates. By law, they don't have to reveal the names of candidates until the field is narrowed to three or less. And I've been told the secrecy is also meant to protect each candidates' privacy.

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