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Colleton County Sheriff helps father say goodbye to dying daughter

Hannah Collins, (Source: Jeffrey Collins) Hannah Collins, (Source: Jeffrey Collins)

A Beaufort family prepares to say their last goodbye to their 11-year-old daughter after she contracted a deadly amoeba from the Edisto River.

The father of Hannah Collins managed to be there for her, even while behind bars.

A lot of the time that Jeffrey Collins spent with his daughter in her final moments is thanks to our local law enforcement. He was recently released from the Beaufort County Jail to help plan her funeral. But before going to Beaufort, he was in Colleton County where the sheriff allowed him to say his final goodbye.

Jeffrey Collins was picked up by the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office on July 28, just days after his daughter caught the deadly infection.

A few days later, he was transferred to the Beaufort County Jail on an unrelated charge. After appearing in family court, Collins was released to grieve with family.

While Collins was in Colleton County, law enforcement worked hard to make sure his daughter got the love and support she needed.

A lot of this is because of Sheriff Andy Strickland, who made sure Hannah got that support from her father even if it meant him leaving the jail cell.

"I couldn't imagine knowing that I could control whether or not he got to see her or if she got to see her dad before she left this world. To me, it wasn't a question of whether or whether not if that could of happened to me, it was a question of how fast could we get him down there," Sheriff Strickland said.

The Collins family will be with friends Thursday evening. Sheriff Strickland plans to send representatives to her funeral on Friday.

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