Under Secretary of the Army visits Fort Stewart

Under Secretary of the Army visits Fort Stewart

FORT STEWART (WTOC) - One of the Army's highest ranking civilian leaders toured Fort Stewart Wednesday to see how ready troops are when they leave the military.

The Under Secretary of the Army's visit to Fort Stewart was not about gauging the 3rd Infantry Division's readiness to fight in its next deployment, rather to gauge the readiness of troops to plug back into civilian workforce when they leave the military.

Under Secretary Patrick Murphy spoke with troops learning construction and electrical skills in the Soldier for Life program.

It helps soldiers with training and preparation to take on civilian jobs or start businesses of their own.

Murphy, a combat veteran and former congressman, said the Pentagon must help equip military members leaving the armed services so they can help contribute to society and the economy.

"We've got to do a better job of making sure they have the skill set twelve months out from them leaving. Every soldier eventually leaves, whether they do three years or thirty years," said Murphy.

Murphy helped draw up the Soldier for Life program and took the tour of Fort Stewart and elsewhere to see how it's being implemented and how it can work better.

He also hopes more employers will see the benefit in hiring these former soldiers.

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