Press conference Thursday to update city manager search

Press conference Thursday to update city manager search

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Savannah City Council members met on Wednesday to hear from the city manager search committee about where they are on the final candidates up for the position.

Again, the council and search committee met behind closed doors in an executive session, but out of the meeting, we learned there will be an announcement from the mayor regarding the city manager search Thursday morning.

Council did say they are giving one of the candidates time to take care of some business in their home municipality before any announcements are made. We did ask the council member heading up the search committee why we haven't heard any names, even though we're now down to only four candidates.

"In many cases, sometimes, their home municipalities don't know that they're applying for it. And if they don't get the position, they could face dire consequences from the overreaching press. So I think it's important that we protect them, protect the integrity of the process, and I think once the mayor makes the announcement tomorrow, there will be more than enough time to get to know the candidates, to get to know their backgrounds, to get to know what they bring to the table, and to give our residents an opportunity to get to know them as well," said Alderman Van Johnson. "I think Stephanie Cutter is an excellent individual, and we need to make sure we find an excellent individual to serve as her replacement. That comes with a solid process, it comes with committed minds willing to work together for that, and hopefully a good candidate or candidates. So we hope to reveal that tomorrow morning."

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