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Bus safety reminders for back to school in the Lowcountry

(Source: Raycom Media) (Source: Raycom Media)

We are just four days away from the start of school in our counties in South Carolina.

We've been talking about preparations for back to school as well as a new school opening up this school year. Well, another important topic of discussion is school bus safety.

For starters, drivers need to make a note that school is starting on Monday so that means more traffic and longer commute times. So the South Carolina Department of Public Safety is encouraging everyone to leave your house earlier and to pay attention to school zone signs and warnings.

We are guaranteed to see those big yellow buses next week, so that means paying attention to that red blinking stop sign on the side of the bus. That signals whether or not it's OK for you to go around it.

Students are encouraged not to walk in front of the bus, however for safety, drivers are not allowed to pass but there is an exception. 

"When you do have to stop is a two lane roadway if you're approaching the bus in the opposite direction you have to stop. If you're directly behind the bus you have to stop as well. Four lanes is when people get confused. If you are behind the bus next to the bus near the bus you have to stop but if you are going in the opposite direction you do not have to stop,” said Cpl. Matthew Southern, SCHP.

If you're in Beaufort County there are a few changes to make note of, for your bus routes and schedules, please click here.

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