Good News: Armstrong move-in day

Good News: Armstrong move-in day

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The excitement, classes and fun times of college are coming. But first the dirty work.

Freshmen and new students moved in at Armstrong on Thursday, settling into the Windward Commons dorms with bedding and televisions sets and whatever they could carry from home, but moreover, enter a new chapter of their lives.

"I think it's going to be really exciting, having my first roommate and getting to know her," said Danielle Bates, an Armstrong student from Canton, Ga. "And it will be exciting to start my new classes."

"I have had parents alternately cheering that their children are leaving home and others who are crying," added Armstrong President Linda Bleicken. "This is kind of the official segue from being a child to being an adult, with some help on the side."

That help came from the university president handing out fans, and from fraternities, staff and alumni helping new students get settled.

"All these people are very nice out here helping," said Armstrong student Ashleigh Harris, from Covington, Ga. "I didn't expect all that. I expected to do it by ourselves."

But once moved in, the students will be one their own, doing for themselves in a place they have chosen to be.

"I was attracted by the campus and the way it looked, the layout," said Shelton Jackson, an Armstrong student from Dublin, Ga. "I'm excited to come here. There are a lot of new things I can do that I've heard about. So it's going to be pretty fun here."

And it all got started Thursday.

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