Not all residents pleased with the Bluffton Parkway Flyover

Not all residents pleased with the Bluffton parkway flyover.

BLUFFTON, SC (WTOC) - It's been almost one month since one of the biggest transportation projects in Beaufort County opened.

The Bluffton Parkway Flyover is an overpass that connects Bluffton Parkway with the Hilton Head Island Bridge in an attempt to alleviate some of that traffic we see on Hwy 278.

It's been four weeks since the flyover opened and some drivers say they already see a decrease in traffic times. But residents living here next to the flyover say they're not seeing those same advantages from the project.

The $80 million, three-year construction project came to life over a decade ago after the town, county and state found a need to address traffic issues on Hwy 278.

The alternate route is supposed to help decrease traffic by 25 percent. To hopefully lower a number of accidents and to make evacuations less painful.

But for residents living right there next to the overpass, the flyover hasn't done anything but increase their concerns.

"In the last couple of years, people have lowered the tax value of the place a couple times already. Originally, when we bought the place, none of that was there. 'Oh, you're on the ocean' and now we have a nice road behind us that wasn't here before. It hasn't been a plus for the few people that live over here," said Gary Lafever.

The flyover is open to traffic but crews will be in the area for the next few weeks to put on those finishing touches. And starting Monday, there will be a westbound closure so crews can install guardrails.

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