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Consider This Editorial- Roberto Hernandez


It looks as though the City of Savannah has found it next City Manager.

Last week Mayor Eddie DeLoach and the City Council unanimously voted to narrow its search down from more than 120 applicants to a single finalists, which means barring any unforeseen snafu in finalizing the deal, Roberto Hernandez will replace Stephanie Cutter come this fall.

On paper, Hernandez appears to be the perfect candidate with more than 20 years of relevant experience. He’s currently the Deputy County Administrator for Broward County in Florida.

Broward County, which includes Ft. Lauderdale, has an economic foundation based on a busy port and robust tourism. Hernandez is also a 20-year veteran of the Army Reserve and understands the importance of the military within a community, another key component of our economy.

Consider This: there’s nothing more important in a City Manager-run city than having a quality city manager. While the job description limits his authority to the City of Savannah, the impact is far more reaching. From growing our economy to our addressing escalating crime numbers, what happens in the heart of Savannah is felt in every community in our region.

Congratulations to Mayor DeLoach and the City Council for promising change and then delivering. And congratulations to Robert Hernandez, Welcome to our city.

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