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Multiple entities assessing damage after fatal wreck at BP gas station

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Just one day after a fatal crash at the BP on DeRenne Avenue, the parking lot has been full of people all day from the owners, insurance agents and even Georgia Power.
The owners thought they would be able to open the store part of the gas station and had a cleaning crew clean up the damage on the ground, but there is so much more to be done before that can happen.

They told WTOC they thought they'd be able to open once they get the power back on but Wednesday was really all about assessing the damage.

People from the insurance company were out here for hours taking pictures, but at this time there isn't an estimate of how much it’s going to cost to fix this gas station. They said they still have to get approval from the city inspector as well, but they do hope to open back up as soon as they can.

Family members of the victim were here from out of town. They were talking to police officers trying to get a better picture of exactly what happened.

They were very emotional and didn't want to talk about their loved one who they lost just on Tuesday.

The property owner, Bill Tyson, said it’s unbelievable and tragic.  He said on Wednesday they put in a permit application to the city that way the electrical inspector can come out and make sure everything is safe, so they can get the power back on and open the store.

"Well, they haven’t given me any figures yet but obviously, the canopies have to be repaired, replaced and several gas pumps, you know, I don't know what that figure is going to be yet but they're working on it,” said Tyson, with WVT Enterprises.

The owners of the gas station say they've been in this spot for about 16 years and never witnessed anything like this before.

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