Hometown Hero: Faye Patrick

Hometown Hero: Faye Patrick

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - For Faye Patrick, it has been story time since 1976.

"Miss Faye" - as more than 600 students have affectionately called her - has been working with children, teaching them and molding them, at Calvary's Early Learning Center for 40 years, and it has been a lot more than just reading stories in that time.

"Doing this job,'' said the lead teacher at the Early Learning Center, "you are doctor, nurse, plumber, teacher..."

The three and four-year-old's she has taught the last four decades have made all those jobs worth it.

"It's exciting,'' said Patrick. "They just come up with so many different things every day. The little things they say, they keep you young at heart.''

Miss Faye was honored at Calvary's Sunday service last week for her length of service, but more so for the lives she has touched throughout the Calvary community, and across multiple generations.

"That hit home,'' she said of the honor. " That's really what I have been working toward, just letting my light shine for the children and loving them and caring for them.''

Miss Faye often sees former students, some of whom are now teachers at Calvary themselves, and appreciates seeing others put their own children in her care.

"I have seen some that come back and they bring their children, and I get to see how their family has grown,'' said Patrick. "And it makes me proud.''

But all of her students are always close to this WTOC Hometown Hero's heart.

"There are children you often wonder what ever happened to them," said Patrick. "There are a few that maybe you had to give that little extra nudge to, and just that you felt that you have really touched their lives.''

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