Pooler Chamber of Commerce holds annual economic outlook meeting

Pooler Chamber of Commerce holds annual economic outlook meeting

POOLER, GA (WTOC) - Pooler's Chamber of Commerce held their annual economic outlook meeting on Aug.18.

The report found that the population base of Pooler has tripled since 2000. Within a few years, Pooler may be looking at quadrupling the population from 2003.

The report also showed employment growth and tax revenue collected.

"It continues to grow. Every time a new business comes, that's the first thing I tell them. 'I appreciate you coming to our city, helping our city grow in one more area and we want to grow together,' said Pooler Mayor Mike Lamb.

With so many new businesses and buildings seemingly sprouting up almost overnight, the employment opportunities are great. Speaking of businesses, the Chamber of Commerce is growing at an astonishing rate as well. The executive director says five years ago, they had about 100 members. Last year, they had 250. This year, they have more than 350.

"Obviously, we have growth that's coming left and right. We have hotels on the horizon, new restaurants coming. You see new little shopping malls popping up. Personally, I feel that the economy has nowhere to go but up in Pooler, given the growth and all of the industries and new businesses and the residential growth," said Pam Southard, Executive Director, Pooler Chamber of Commerce.

"Pooler is growing like crazy. That's the highlight - is Pooler is growing at a rate that's probably twice as fast as the general population and economic growth in the Chatham County area," said Dr. Michael Toma, Economics Professor, Armstrong University.

One of the indicators signifying the growth of Pooler is, of course, the new Municipal Complex being built. The mayor says construction is going well, and he thinks city employees should be able to start moving in around the beginning of October.

With all of this growth, one of the challenges the city faces is keeping up with it in terms of infrastructure, so they are continuing to focus on that as the city continues to expand.

Mayor Lamb also says he would like to see more hospitals and other medical facilities.

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