University of South Carolina-Beaufort professor receives huge grant

University of South Carolina-Beaufort professor receives huge grant

BEAUFORT, SC (WTOC) - A history professor at the University of South Carolina Beaufort received some big bucks for a program aimed at teachers.

The program is centered around the Lowcountry and the contributions the region made to American History.

Dr. Brent Morris is an associate professor at the school, and this is his second time receiving this grant. The money is used to put on a three-week-long intensive camp for K through 12 teachers. The focus of the camp is the reconstruction period, which actually got its start in Beaufort.

"And a lot of the same issues people talked about during reconstruction argued about; voting rights, who's a citizen of the United States, what sort of equality that should be spread across all of the society. These are things that we're still dealing with today that were relevant 150 years ago," said Dr. Brent Morris, Humanities Department Chair, USCB.

The goal is that teachers will take their knowledge and share it with their students. The camp will take place July 2017, and it includes educators from all across the country.

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