Former Estill Police chief sues town

Former Estill Police chief sues town

ESTILL, SC (WTOC) - A former Hampton County Police chief is fighting back after being terminated.

Keith Park served with the Estill Police Department since 2013, and three years later, found himself without a job.

It was a rainy day in January when an Estill officer was shot. Law enforcement from around the region worked for hours, but one person was missing. The Estill Police Chief.

Just days after the shooting, Chief Parks was terminated. His residence in Lexington cited as the reason why.

"The chief before Mr. Parks as well as the chief before the chief before Mr. Parks didn't live in Estill either. And Mr. Parks was very upfront and a genuine guy and let them know 'I'm happy to take this job, but my home is in Lexington.' We allege he was never asked to move to Estill," said Paul Porter, attorney.

But Parks' out of town address isn't the only reason he believes he was let go.

"Keith was terminated because he didn't play good ole' boy politics. What that means when certain town leaders wanted favors or tickets fixed for their friends, Keith did his job and refused to give anybody special treatment," said Porter.

When asked for a response to these accusations, I received a statement from Boykin and Davis, the team representing the town of Estill.

To clarify the Town's position, neither the Town nor our firm on the Town's behalf will comment on pending litigation, other than an acknowledgment that a lawsuit has been filed.

Parks' legal team hopes the issue will be brought to trial within the next year.

In the meantime, both parties are waiting for a change of venue motion between Hampton County and Lexington County where Keith Parks lives.

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